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My passion is helping people discover themselves and help them on whatever self-improvement journey they are embarking on. While grief is something I’m in the process in specializing in, there is A LOT of crossover into general self-care, depression, and anxiety. My big push is to #fighttheblues! After 12 years of suffering from complicated grief after my mom died, I've been on a journey to take care of myself, my mental state, and help others do the same. As a product manager I'm a stickler for detail and determined to disrupt the self-care market by openly talking about grief and what it is accompanied with the best grief recovery box to help people along their journey and search for happiness. As part of my journey I have been a volunteer facilitator at Bo's Place since April of 2018. Volunteering the past 6 months has been so rewarding. Bo's has an amazingly warm and open environment helping those who have had someone close to them die progress through their grief journey from ages five and up. Want to learn more about me? Check out my guest blog post on Alison's Notebook here! Thank you for visiting Pick Me Up Box and supporting my efforts to help those suffering from grief and depression.

Felicia Bates

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The following survey is a way for me to embark on a new business adventure! I'm looking for honest feedback from friends and family to see if there is a market for a grief recovery box. This is also a way to help me get product ideas for the box itself. I think it's important to mention that grief doesn’t just revolve around death. It is any type of significant change in your life. Any alteration to your typical routine. It could be your child going to school or daycare for the first time, moving to a new house, changing jobs, it could even something small like going from reading every day to only reading once a week. I'm collecting some personal information like name and email address, but this will not be shared in any way, shape, or form. The only reason I'm not making this survey anonymous is because I want to be able to follow up with additional questions if necessary. Thank you so much for all your time and help! Take Survey

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